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Welcome to One Solution Care Inc. In the times where a pandemic is overwhelming, safety and health are an essential priority, and homes & businesses have reached a new level of standards, we want to be the ones to make sure you, your family, and clients are taken care of. The CDC has requirements that we base our routines on, and only provide the perfectionism that you deserve. We are the One Solution to your needs, a Solution where our main priority is to Care and put our customers first. 

Professionalism & Quality



Health within the Home!

Enjoy a stress-free home where dust has met its match! We offer the following services to best suit your needs for a happy and healthy home! We build our pricing according to your needs:

  • Ceiling Fans to Baseboards

  • Kitchen & Appliances

  • Bathrooms (Vents to Floors)

  • Tile & Wood Floors (Grout included)

  • Dust

  • Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning (Optional Steam Cleaning)

  • Buff & Wax Floors

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Appliance Interiors

  • Patio & Porch swept & Pressure Washed

  • And any additional cleaning can be negotiated based on the clients needs. 

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Customer Satisfaction!

Customers want to know they are walking into a safe & healthy environment. Where they are free to enjoy your business without the worry of disease. 

All locations including, but not limited to:

  • Entry & Hallways 

  • Guest Waiting Areas

  • Gathering of Worship

  • Social Hall Gatherings

  • Youth Centers

  • Nursery (Children areas)

  • Meeting Areas

  • Gym

  • Library & Computer Rooms

  • Bathrooms 

  • Kitchen (If Applicable)

  • Floor & Show Rooms

  • Etc.

Provided Cleaning based on Client Needs:

  • Chairs wiped down

  • Desks & Counter Tops (items are not to be moved)

  • Floors (Optional Buffing & Steaming)

  • Light Switches

  • CDC Required Shields & Windows cleaned

  • Clean & Restock Bathrooms

  • Computers & Monitors

  • Specifically Discussed Client Product

  • Trash

  • Lights off, doors locked                    (As requested)

  • & any additional specific requests of the client. 

All cleaning performed can be found within the Residential Listing

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