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Bem-vindo a uma solução: serviços de limpeza! Onde não somos apenas um serviço, mas convidamos você a fazer parte da nossa família! Oferecemos serviços de limpeza comercial e residencial. Por favor, veja abaixo para agendar um orçamento para começar!

Professionalism & Quality



Health within the Home!

Enjoy a stress-free home where dust has met its match! We offer the following services to best suit your needs for a happy and healthy home! We build our pricing according to your needs:

  • Ceiling Fans to Baseboards

  • Kitchen & Appliances

  • Bathrooms (Vents to Floors)

  • Tile & Wood Floors (Grout included)

  • Dust

  • Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning (Optional Steam Cleaning)

  • Buff & Wax Floors

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Appliance Interiors

  • Patio & Porch swept & Pressure Washed

  • And any additional cleaning can be negotiated based on the clients needs. 

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Customer Satisfaction!

Customers want to know they are walking into a safe & healthy environment. Where they are free to enjoy your business without the worry of disease. 

All locations including, but not limited to:

  • Entry & Hallways 

  • Guest Waiting Areas

  • Gathering of Worship

  • Social Hall Gatherings

  • Youth Centers

  • Nursery (Children areas)

  • Meeting Areas

  • Gym

  • Library & Computer Rooms

  • Bathrooms 

  • Kitchen (If Applicable)

  • Floor & Show Rooms

  • Etc.

Provided Cleaning based on Client Needs:

  • Chairs wiped down

  • Desks & Counter Tops (items are not to be moved)

  • Floors (Optional Buffing & Steaming)

  • Light Switches

  • CDC Required Shields & Windows cleaned

  • Clean & Restock Bathrooms

  • Computers & Monitors

  • Specifically Discussed Client Product

  • Trash

  • Lights off, doors locked                    (As requested)

  • & any additional specific requests of the client. 

All cleaning performed can be found within the Residential Listing

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