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Do you have the guest list ready yet? Cater? DJ? Games?? Activities?? Did little Johnny get his birthday wish, or does your precious little Suzy feel like a princess yet!? How about your little boy is finally graduating but forget about the special parenting moment because you have TOOOO much to plan and get ready!! ESPECIALLY with all the relatives flying in! 

Parties with Smurph are made specifically for YOU! No matter your celebration, I am here to make it one you will never forget! Every package  purchased receives a 20% discount on any package in PBL! We make it affordable for you to have a great time without worrying about ANYTHING! You can also build your own package to make sure it fits your BUDGET needs! 


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From background music or something no one will want to leave the dance floor, we can provide all your 
DJ needs! We provide a 32" TV screen for karaoke, taking song requests, and putting a playlist together prior to the event of all your party favorites! If there are minors and children, all songs requested will be child proof, so nothing inappropriate for the guests will be played. Every event is DJ'd to the theme of the party! Get ready for a great entertaining event and to dance the night away! 



A date and venue you have selected is planned for a theme you have chosen! We will provide the games and activities! Games and activities include a maximum of three activities of led entertainment for your guests, concluding to 1 1/2 hours of entertainment and fun! As the host you will have the ability to work with us in making sure it is theme driven and fun for all ages! You will be able to select two out of the three to take place at the event, with one being a filler in case there is extra time. All packages and events are open to discussion to make sure it is meeting all of your party needs (given prices then may vary)!



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